X-Mirage 3.0.2 Crack + Activation Code Download {Latest-2024}

X-Mirage 3.0.2 Crack with Torrent Full Version

X-Mirage Crack

X-Mirage Crack is a pioneer screen mirroring tool that offers a screen mirroring receiver, transforms a PC into an AiPlay receiver, and mirrors iOS devices. You can enjoy screencasting from one device to other machines. It favors to mirror screen to play games and share content. You can cast screens from iPad and Windows PC. It supports you to stream slideshow and movies from iOS to Mac. You have seamless screen mirroring and AirPlay functionality. It provides screen mirroring and casting between iOS devices and various platforms. You can share, present, and record content from iPhones, iPads, and iPods on larger screens. The software operates by creating a virtual AirPlay receiver on the user’s computer. It allows devices to wirelessly mirror their screens in real-time. This process connects the phone and the computer to the same Wi-Fi network. It establishes a secure and rapid communication channel between the two. 

X-Mirage Activation Code favors demonstrating apps and games on a more expansive canvas. You can mirror the entire display of iOS devices onto larger screens. Users can effortlessly showcase presentations and share multimedia content. The tool supports multiple device connections simultaneously. Users can mirror the screens of multiple iOS devices onto the computer display. It often creates a collaborative and dynamic environment. You have robust recording functionality to capture and save mirrored content as video files. It goes beyond simple mirroring with its AirPlay sender functionality. Users can turn their computers into AirPlay-compatible devices. You can stream music and videos from iOS devices to the PC’s speakers or display. This bidirectional AirPlay support enhances the software’s versatility. It transforms the computer into an integrated part of the Apple ecosystem. You have a variety of on-screen options to emphasize and highlight cursor movements. It showcases touches and even simulates specific gestures.

X-Mirage 2024 Crack + Activation Keygen (Win/Mac)

X-Mirage Torrent provides precise interactions for effective communication. Its compatibility extends to both Mac and Windows platforms. You have valuable features during software demonstrations and app walkthroughs. You can connect the iOS device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. It delivers the mirroring process and enjoys the real-time display on the computer screen. You have password-protected AirPlay connections for a secure and private mirroring experience. It facilitates seamless AirPlay mirroring and content sharing from iOS devices to bigger resolutions. You can create a bridge between iOS devices and desktop platforms. It showcases presentations, streams videos, plays games, or demonstrates apps on a larger display. Users enable AirPlay mirroring from iOS devices to computers. You can effortlessly mirror your device screen onto the PC screen. It creates a mirrored display that accurately replicates the actions taking place on the iOS device.

X-Mirage Activation Key mirrors multiple iOS devices simultaneously onto the same computer screen. Users with the correct credentials can view the mirrored content. This also includes audio mirroring capabilities as well. The accompanying sound is transmitted from the Apple device to the PC screen. You can capture and record the mirrored content along with audio. It creates a comprehensive video recording of the iOS device’s screen activity.  You can mirror the content from one iOS device to another. This feature is valuable for creating tutorials, capturing gameplay, or documenting app demonstrations.  Users have the flexibility to choose recording settings. It streamlines the recording process to capture the entire mirroring session without interruptions. You can simply the creation of video content for various purposes.

X-Mirage Activation Code

X-Mirage Key Features:

  • Empowers presenters and educators with real-time annotation and drawing capabilities during the mirroring session. 
  • Highlight key points, draw diagrams, or emphasize elements directly on the mirrored screen. 
  • Add a touch of personalization by customizing the appearance of the mirrored iOS device screen by choosing from various device frame skins. 
  • X-Mirage Crack dynamically generates a unique password for each mirroring session to enhance security. 
  • Optimizes the mirroring performance specifically for gaming applications, reducing latency and providing a smoother gaming experience. 
  • Mirror iOS games to a larger screen, leveraging the full potential of AirPlay for an immersive gaming session on a computer or other devices.
  • Acknowledging the diverse ways in which users want to showcase content by introducing support for 360-degree rotation.
  • X-Mirage Full Activated rotate the mirrored iOS screen to any desired orientation, whether it’s landscape or portrait mode. 
  • Particularly advantageous when presenting content that is best viewed in a specific orientation or when adapting to the preferences of the audience.
  • Simplifies the process of AirPlay mirroring to seamlessly mirror the screen of your iOS devices. 


  • Goes beyond the Apple ecosystem by providing cross-platform compatibility. 
  • Mirror your iOS screens to Mac computers as well as Windows PCs. 
  • You can enhance the user experience and cater to various scenarios. 
  • Ensures that users can leverage this program regardless of the preferred operating system.
  • Supports the simultaneous mirroring of multiple iOS devices onto the same computer or display. 
  • Advantageous in educational or collaborative settings where multiple presenters or participants can share their screens concurrently.
  • Includes audio mirroring capabilities to transmit the audio output from your iOS devices along with the mirrored screen.
  • X-Mirage Keygen is valuable for presentations, streaming videos, or engaging in activities that require both visual and auditory elements.
  • Record the entire mirroring session, capturing both visuals and audio, for later playback or sharing. 
  • Favor screenshot capture, allows users to take snapshots of specific moments during the mirroring session. 
  • Contribute to content creation, tutorial development, and documentation purposes.
X-Mirage Activation Code

What’s New in X-Mirage?

  • Dual-screen mirroring functionality favors playing dual-screen games on a larger display of PC or Mac from iOS devices.
  • Cast screens from Apple devices to Windows computers to stream media, listen to music, and display presentations on bigger screens in an innovative manner.
  • Improved live performance and drawing capabilities, enabling presenters or educators to annotate and draw directly on the mirrored screen in real-time. 
  • X-Mirage Cracked includes a dedicated Gaming Mode that optimizes mirroring performance for favorite gaming applications with higher resolution. 
  • It extends the mirroring experience to a broader range of screens within the Apple ecosystem.
  • Users can set a password to restrict unauthorized access to the mirroring session. 
  • Enhances the auditory experience with Virtual Surround Sound, providing users with an immersive and spatial audio experience during mirroring sessions. 
  • Incorporates adaptive quality control mechanisms that dynamically adjust mirroring quality based on network conditions for a smooth and uninterrupted screen mirroring experience.

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8+ and macOS 10.12
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Free HDD Space: 1GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5

How To Crack X-Mirage?

  • First of all, download X-Mirage Crack from the given below link
  • Extract the downloaded file into WinRAR
  • Click on the install button and run it
  • Copy the key and paste it into the activation box
  • Enjoy 🙂

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